Dr. Shaniqua Jones offers a number of services!

Narrative Healing Book Club Conversation
Dr. Jones provides answer to the questions readers have after reading her memoir, 12: A Memoir To My Younger Self to offer insight as well as help readers understand the power of narrative healing. Book club conversations require a minimum of 10 participants.

Lessons Learned on my Journey from Poverty to EdD
In her signature talk, Dr. Jones shares about her journey from poverty to EdD.  She discusses the power of education, and how she found her voice through it.  Additionally, she covers her life philosophy that is grounded in Restorative Justice Principles and provides powerful lessons on how to overcome obstacles through her life experiences as it relates to rising from poverty to becoming a prominent community member.  Dr. Jones believes that A Journey Not Shared is a Soul Not Healed.

One or Two-Day Restorative Justice Training
This training is ideal for community activists, educators, volunteers, law enforcement agents, social workers, etc. of all ages who want to experience and practice the principles of Restorative Justice as a way to build community and handle matters of harm.

Restorative Justice Consulting
Schedule a complimentary consultation for more information. 

To schedule any of these services please email Dr. Shaniqua Jones at