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Hi everyone –

I have been super busy working on several projects as well as the daily activities as a wife, mother, full-time doctoral student….and so on………..:-)

Well day before yesterday I fell outside of my mother’s house and for the life of me could not get up quick enough as usual. For me, what had occurred was I attempted to take a short cut around my car to walk to the entrance of my mother’s house.  I thought if I walked through the snow which was a shortcut, I could get inside my mother’s house quicker without walking through the shoveled walkway that was clear of snow.  When I finally got inside my mother house, I sat for the longest in deep thought of the message God placed on my heart.  In reflection, I realized how often I attempted to take the short cut expecting the reward yet never fully felt a sense of accomplishment.  I was not committed nor dedicated to the Kingdom.  I straddled the fence.  I wanted the best of both worlds; never being realistic that I was driving myself crazy trying to serve two masters.  Even in this simple fall, God gave me a special word for me to adhere to.  I had to choose that day who I would serve.

When we attempt to do things on our own, we allow the emotions related to instant gratification override our God-given senses to do otherwise.  The path God has prepared for you may be lengthy, trying, and not appealing to the eye but the reward in taking the path chosen is well worth the struggle, pain, and time.  As it is written in His word; Proverbs 3:7 – Be not wise in thy own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

Know this – you will fall no matter what path you take but to have a strengthened foundation rooted in faith, grace, and mercy will carry you further than any shaky ground.

God is amazing and I thank Him for giving me this message to share with you.

Be blessed,




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