The Fall from Grace

People, we have to be very careful of how we use the authority for which we were given.  There is a thin line between grace and catastrophe.  I know the sense of cockiness that comes along with accolades and monetary praises ……SHOW ME THE MONEY!  I also know what it is like to fall so hard that the attempt to rise seems breathtaking and death defying.

To whom much is given, much is required ~ Luke 12:48.  This very scripture brought me through a transitioning stage in my life approximately 6-7 years ago.  I had to remain conscious of the fact that the dark side is less than a step away.  Have you ever stood at the curb without looking down? In your mind, you’re thinking “it’s only one step” but that one step can cause you so much damage (off balance, twisted ankle, bruises and scratches, or even DEATH). If you are not careful, your “knowing” – cockiness can cause you a lifetime of pain or your demise all from taking one step.

Watch your steps good people.  Better yet, if God is your guide….He will lead and you will follow.


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