The Disconnection Notice

Good morning loves –

Yesterday I had an epiphany to send disconnection notices to individuals who no longer serve a purpose.  We hold onto people way after the purpose, reason, or season has passed and wonder why things have not fallen into place for us.  There are no hard feelings.  Out of respect for the association you had with the other person, you must not leave them to assume that their is an existing viable relationship.  In being restorative, you either make an amends when their is an issue or agree to disagree without conflict.

I challenge you to let go of the dead weight and walk into your destiny.  You are worth it!  You deserve peace of mind and happiness.  You have made excuses one day to long for the other person you need to be disconnected from.  Allowing that person to remain constant in your life may be the reason why your blessing has not been revealed or provided unto you.  Let go and let God!  I dare you!

Disconnection notices terrify people at times where they were either hoping to make an arrangement or play the dodging game until they could no longer do so.  Another reason people are terrified is because they really needed that source yet you are drained from always producing and providing in this relationship.  When you find yourself compromising who you are or putting this person needs before your on a consistent basis….and I’m not talking about your children you are responsible for until FOREVER (lol).

In either case, you do not have to be afraid to move on without this other person. You do not have to play the guessing game or try to meet the needs of others which forces you to compromise who you are as a person.

I drafted a letter (template) for your personal to customize and make it your own where you can provide the reason(s) why you are disconnecting from this person.

Disconnection Notice

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