The Art of Participatory Leadership

Day #1 of The Art of Participatory Leadership – This has been a wonderful experience on how we can be more engaged in the communities we serve, community outreach, creating sustainable programs within our communities and schools, and how we can work together as leaders. Our paths cross in the areas of Early Childhood and Restorative Justice. The Art of Participatory Leadership took place at the Morton Arboretum which is a beautiful and natural landscaped environment allowing us to breathe easy, become one with nature, and appreciate our surroundings. Our collective energy set the tone to create a dialogue focused on providing a safe place and question the resources that are available.

I leave refreshed every time I attend an event providing the necessary tools to invite and engage individuals into conversations around positive change. We have the opportunity to network with one another and share experiences, words of wisdom, and support. Once a person gains the support needed to address some of the societal issues within their own communities, enables one to conquer any trial.

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