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I found myself feeling discouraged last night as I pondered the idea of LIVING!  It was one of those vulnerable moments when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. That feeling didn’t last long because I thought of all of the GREAT things happening in my life.  I changed my lenses to see beyond the moment and began to plan for my future.  I emailed a close friend; someone I consider to be a big sister who tells me the TRUTH….not my truth or her truth but the REAL TRUTH!  Once she responded to my email with the facts and the words of encouragement with direction, I began to put the thoughts to action and the permanent marker to paper. 

I thank God daily for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me even in times where I was not performing at my best.  The earlier part of this year, I hosted a LET’s LIVE workshop about living a more healthier existence.  We discussed recipes and regimens along with workout do’s and don’ts.  I had shared how I had lost 14 lbs. completing the Green Smoothie Cleanse which started on Facebook as a closed group. I was charged to take on the world but I lost my way because of personal issues.  I started making excuses as to why I couldn’t exercise or complete simple tasks that required movement, lbvs!

Where is that drive and consistency?  What is it that motivates you to move to action?  These are questions we must ask ourselves to conquer our fears or hang-ups. 

How do we find balance and make time to do the things we need to do? Anything worth having is worth fighting for…worth the journey, worth the just reward…worth visualizing…worth experiencing. 

I love you and want to see you all succeed in your positive endeavors!

Be blessed!




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