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Good morning –

I am truly thankful for another day and I would like to share a few things that have been on my mind.  As a wife and mother along with all other pertinent roles, I have thrown myself away!  I have used my education as a crutch of comfort for too long and lack effort in the way I dress and carry myself as a lady.  I am a lady nonetheless but the daintiness is not there.  Materialistic items do not define us but it feels so much better when you are comfortable in your own skin.  For me, I went from carrying a purse to a book bag; casual shoes to gym shoes; hair to baseball caps, jackets to hoodies and sweatshirts; jeans and slacks to jogging pants….you get my drift!  

A few days ago when I was out of breath and thought I was on the verge of a light stroke or heart attack is when I stopped everything I was attempting to do and said, “STOP, I HAVE TO INVEST IN ME!” It has only been a few days but I feel so much better because I realized where I went wrong as well as knowing how to change for the better – I have the solution.  I prayed and asked God to carry me through this journey.

To invest in you:

1) Pray at the wake of every  morning

2) Read a scripture to seek understanding

3) Play inspirational music as you take care of the hygiene needs

4) Start drinking your water.  It is best to drink as many ounces of water a day that is equivalent to half of your total weight.  (For example:  if you are 200 lbs. you need to drink 100 oz. of water per day)

5) Eat a healthy breakfast (for me its Special K cereal with 2% milk), lunch, snacks, and dinner

6) Exercise 30 minutes – 1 hour a day (Challenge yourself to walk faster or do more sit-ups than you did the day before)

7) Read an article that intrigues you that does not relate to your common interest

8) Take the time in the morning or before you sleep at night to coordinate your outfit for the following day

9) Learn to pick and choose your battles – live a restorative life……

10) Rest.  The body has a way of telling us when its time to slow down.  Pay attention!

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