Interview with Black Women Losing Weight

Recently was interviewed by Black Women Losing Weight regarding my weight loss. I thought I would share the details with you.
•What was your motivation? What inspired you? My husband and my five biological children are my motivation to remove internal barriers and press my way. The authentic love my husband, children, and other supports systems have for me is unconditional. This type of love still exists and I had to release past hurts in order to completely reciprocate love and appreciation.

•How did you change your eating habits? What did you stop or start eating? I had weight loss surgery July 2015 with a year of pre-surgery visits to make sure I was physically and mentally ready. I began to cut out carbs and caffeine in order to make the smoot transition to a healthier life. After surgery, I sought the assistance of a dynamic personal trainer, Caprice O’Bryant. I eat 4-5 oz. of protein with each meal along with steamed vegetables and plenty of water. No caffeine and no sugar. I eat fruit in moderation.

•What did your workout routines look like? I love my Fitbit and participate in daily and weekly challenges to exceed my step goal of 10k steps a day. I participate in Zumba, Tabata, glutes and thighs, and HIIT workout each week.

•What was your starting weight? What is your current weight? I started off at 335 pounds and am 269.5 pound today. (I am not sure what i am weighing in now but I will keep you posted :-)).

•What is your height? 5’9”

•How long did your transformation take? 6 ½ months and counting (10 months tomorrow (5/7/2016)).

•What advice do you have for others who want to lose weight? Stay the course. You have to look at yourself in the mirror daily. If you like what you see, keep pressing your way to maintain. If you don’t like what you see, keep pressing your way until you see the change. No excuses. If the only support you have is yourself, that is all the support you need. There is no growth in your comfort. Get uncomfortable!

•Is weight loss surgery part of your journey? If so, what procedure? Yes. Gastric Sleeve.

•Let us know if you have an Instagram, blog or website as well.
Instagram: shan_jones0808

Thanks and be encouragedWeight Loss Journey 335 to 269!

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