In the wilderness

The other evening a young lady approached my husband and I as we were pumping gas.  She seemed to be a fast talker as she requested us to purchase her CD with inspirational tunes that would take you to spiritual place.  Instantly, I judged her based on her approach and hustling tactics.  I just knew my husband wasn’t going to support her cause or purpose but something made him choose otherwise.  As we drove off, there was a melodic tune that was relaxing and calm.  The tune was the young lady’s CD playing.  I have not been able to go pass the first two songs on the CD but I will say that I was blessed with her gift of song.  One of the songs are titled, In the Wilderness. This song has touched my soul and has been on repeat.

Oftentimes, when we are in our storm…walking in the wilderness full of wild life, danger, and other distractions, we have to remember that He is keeping us.  Our Father sees our potential to make it through if we remain focused with our mind stayed on Him.  Also, I have asked God to make me better and to continue to work on my mind, heart, soul, and spirit.  We cannot live our life held by the ills of society and evils of others who do not believe.  Who are we to judge?


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