What is a distraction?  A distraction is anything keeping you from focusing on progress. Keep in mind that we can be easily distracted by persuasion and the going trend.  We have to be mindful of those things which we speak for the power of life and death are in the tongue.  One of the best things that happened to me this year was the appreciation to reflect.

As I began to reflect on some thing that happened in my life, I realized how simple my thought process was to be distracted.  Distracted by a man, food, nails, hair, and other things we take so lightly.  Before you knew it, those distractions caused my vision to be blurred and my time to not be wisely spent.  I became irresponsible in decisions I made as I continued to indulge in the distractions believing I was in control.

I was distracted to the point where I had to hit rock bottom.  Hitting rock bottom caught my attention in an uncomfortable way.  Even now as I progress and excel, I find myself being more humble and accepting my flaws yet knowing where I am going.  When you’ve hit rock bottom and know what that cold, dreary feeling is like…you make a conscience effort to stay focused.

You will begin to change your surroundings and your partners in order to hold accountability to the highest standard.  I always jokingly say, “GET YA LIFE.”  I actually mean it…..get ya life boo!  If you find yourself in a uncompromising situation, ask yourself, “WHAT AM I DISTRACTED BY?”


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