Common Sense

As much as we would all like to proclaim having common sense, we can’t!  I have witnessed first-hand the ills of not possessing such qualities.  Too often we reprimand people for not using the senses that God has given them but who are we to judge. At what level are you considered to be incompetent or lack certain qualities that deem you fit to use your common senses?  I ask these questions because I was told by someone dear to my sweet heart that I don’t have common sense.  They carried on to say that I am book smart and knowledgeable when it comes to academics but I have NO common sense. Wow! Really?

I’ll admit, I am a little taken more because of the person who allowed those words to flow so freely from their mouth and two because there may be a hint of truth in this person’s message.  Nonetheless, the questions I pose in this blog post tonight are the same questions I asked this person.  Sometimes people get so carried away into the life that has been presented to them that they fail to realize the gifts of others.  Each person was uniquely made by God for His purpose.  The problem that exists is that too often we stray away into what others see fit for us or we decide to stray for our own purpose(s).

What makes sense so common?  Is it the ability to read people before they speak? Is it the manner in which we address ourselves?  Is it tactfulness?  Politeness?  Knowing when to hold em’ and when to fold em’?  Please chime in and tell me your thoughts.

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