There will be times when you sit and you wait; waiting patiently….furiously. You’re waiting for your moment because you feel that you have taken all that you can. Your can’t bare another minute of the turmoil, frustration, heartache, and struggle. You begin to second guess every decision you ever made because the wait is too long. You begin to question God with the ‘why me’ and ‘why did I deserve to be mistreated or abandoned. You begin to break ties with those you love and care for. You become isolated from the rest of the world. You remove yourself from social ties that once brought laughter and excitement to your life. You stop praying. You stop worshipping. You stop answering the phone and send all calls to voicemail. That spark of light you once were has become dim and discreet.

Then there’s this voice that sounds off as you sit alone. The voice speaks with strength and authority yet with compassion telling you to push beyond the break and hold on. Hold on to my word, my love. The voice continues to tell you to be still and know……I am with you.

Let go and let God!

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