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I am a faithful fan of the TV series, Empire.  I rather speak in terms of the positive notes that derive from the show opposed to societal factors suggesting the show to be toxic.  The drama unfolds as it touches the issues in the Black community shaming homosexuality and mental illness.  The show furthers reflect the illnesses within mental illness due to the inability to accept and/or receive treatment.

Too often, individuals of all ethnicities; especially in the Black community will dance around the subject of mental illness or throw shade on an individual who verbally speaks on the subject of mental illness.  First-hand,  I have witnessed the courage a person has taken to seek support in sharing the fact that they have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  This same courageous person is plagued with being seen as crazy or just going through a temporary setback.  NO!  This person does not feel whole due to a chemical imbalance that takes control of their thoughts and moods.  This person does not have the power to cut the mood switch off and on.

This person has certain triggers preventing them from living a more meaningful existence.  They are bound by an illness which is making every attempt to destroy if untreated.  To gain a better understanding of one illness in particular, bipolar disorder, here are some symptoms: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bipolar-disorder/basics/symptoms/con-20027544

Let’s keep the discussion going and provide as much support to someone who is challenged with any mental illness.

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